OG Kush Strain: Things You Should Know

Cannabis strains have been getting a lot of attention lately. From their medicinal properties to their controversies, hybrids seem to be on everybody’s minds. OG Kush Strain is one of the most potent and famous of the bunch. But how friendly is it toward new users? And are there any side effects related to it?

OG Kush Strain Overview

OG Kush Strain is somewhat of a mystery of the cannabis community. There is not much information about its genetic origin and how it came to be. However, this strain is the backbone of many famous hybrids, even though it’s a hybrid itself. A lot of successful phenotypes have been bred using OG Kush, most of them gaining massive popularity.


The consensus is that OG Kush is a mix between Chemdawg and the Hindu Kush. Furthermore, this strain is considered an almost perfect mix of Indica and Sativa. Its high THC concentration, which is over 22%, makes this hybrid a hard-hitting and potent strain. 


Even though it’s home location is unknown, OG Kush can be found in Colorado, California, and the Pacific Northwest. Those zones seem to have the highest quality products. 

First Impressions Matter

OG Kush has a traditional cannabis look, as many users describe it. Yellow-green leaves and orange pistils are its trademarks. As a result of its high THC concentration, the buds have a thick coat of crystalline trichomes. It seems that some people have even confused its looks for mold and have thrown away such a great strain.

Aroma and Flavor

This famous strain has a fresh and woody scent highly reminiscent of forests. As expected, the aroma is similar to its smell, earthy and woodsy, with some pinches of lime. Yet, sometimes using OG Kush may feel like using lemon or spiced flavored cannabis.

What Are the Effects?

As previously mentioned, OG Kush has a high THC concentration which results in a hard-hitting yet calming high. Once consumed, the strong effects will start settling in, often resulting in a couch-lock. This hybrid has great relaxation effects while also improving the state of mind and mood of its users.

Are There Any Medicinal Benefits?

Every weed user knows about the OG Kush Strain and its strong medicinal effects. As a result, this particular strain is widely accepted as the go-to marijuana for most health issues. Some even claim that OG Kush has surpassed many other strains in terms of medicinal uses. Many people are choosing this strain over any full Indica product, or over any prescription medication. 


OG Kush is most commonly used by people that are suffering from chronic pain and muscle problems. Furthermore, this strain has great anti-inflammatory properties and can help relax and numb the sore areas of the body.


Although, when using OG against anxiety and depression, it’s recommended you don’t go overboard. Consuming a big quantity of this strain may do more harm than good. You can even end up with paranoia and increased anxiety as a result of overusing OG Kush. 


Despite that, people with insomnia should consume a higher dose of OG Kush, as it seems more effective. But you should stay away from smoking a high dose and should rely on edibles, which are safer.

What About the Side Effects?

Dry mouth and dry eyes are the most common side effects of prolonged OG Kush usage. Those can be easily fixed by drinking more liquid and using moisturizing eye drops. However, some people can experience paranoia and anxiety when consuming high quantities of OG. That is the result of the high quantity of THC present in the strain. 


If paranoia happens, it’s important to calm down and avoid panicking. Another strategy is to meditate and breathe steadily. Trying to keep your head clear is the best way to avoid paranoia and the side effects of THC consumption.


In conclusion, OG Kush Strain is a powerful, yet helpful cannabis hybrid. Chronic pain and anxiety stand no chance against this well-known strain. It’s worth trying if you want to experience a hard-hitting high and a long session of couch-locking. But you should avoid consuming big quantities of it if you are new to weed. Researching the potency levels will save you a long paranoia filled trip. 

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