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To provide medical cannabis to approved patients in a safe, compassionate, professional, and courteous manner.

To raise the quality of care for our patients while decreasing their cost.

To insure legal, safe and secure use of medical cannabis.

The state-of-the art facility site(s) will provide patient education, privacy, and products in a service-oriented manner that is responsive to the needs of the patients and caregivers.

To improve the quality of life of our patients their family and friends.

To promote awareness about the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

To provide a professionally controlled and monitored study program focusing on veterans treatment for PTSD and other critical maladies unique to the population.

To strengthen the local community through hospice, therapeutic services, and charitable giving.

Our Mission

The Boys of 3/5

We serve Veterans of all ages and income levels, initially in Washington State and ultimately throughout the United States.

Veterans for Compassionate Care provides services to Veterans, hospitals, hospices, AIDS clinics, and more. Clients include cancer patients undergoing chemo, AIDS patients suffering from wasting syndrome, glaucoma patients, those suffering from chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, a variety of spastic conditions such as multiple sclerosis, paraplegia, quadriplegic, epilepsy, gulf war syndrome and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD]. We will also serve other non-Veteran patients in states where that is allowed.

The decision to recommend medical cannabis will be made between the patient and physician for appropriateness of the diagnosis without regard to race, gender, ability to pay, etc.


Helping Veterans

Our clients and families struggle with pain and illness that are often best relieved by cannabis medicines.

Veterans for Compassionate Care has created a safe and secure business environment that will promote a safe and compassionate medical cannabis community. Veterans for Compassionate Care will provide quality medical grade cannabis to our clients in a legal, professional and ethical manner. All transactions will be within the intent and legal requirements of the appropriate state and local regulations in all of our target markets.


"The mental health and well-being of our courageous men and women who have served the nation is the highest priority for VA, and even one suicide is one too many." - VA Secretary Eric K. Shinseki

For those who serve, the struggle does not always end when they return to American soil. A U.S. military veteran commits suicide every 65 minutes, on average, according to a recent study from the Department of Veterans Affairs. An older, less detailed government analysis reported that about 18 former service members kill themselves each day. But a recent, more precise study of veteran suicides from 1999 to 2010 shows that the number is heartbreakingly higher: 22 deaths per day.

Team Leaders

Veterans for Compassionate Care was founded by Richard Rosio.

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